Flow Shelving in Nalagarh

Flow Shelving in Nalagarh


We, at Pandex Storage, are one of the leading Shelving Systems manufacturers in Nalagarh. We offer our customers a high-quality economical solution to any storage need, from the small room to the multi-level archive storage system. We are the trusted Flow shelving Manufacturers in Nalagarh. A standard and flexible modular component with parts interchangeability and easy assembly make your shelving system smooth and hassle-free. Flow shelving systems manufactured by us are suitable for low-rise shelving that is often used in industries. These systems come designed with a drive train which makes it easy to move even with just a light push from a person. 

Features of these shelving systems

These gravity flow shelving systems are lightweight and can be used to store a whole variety of products in a secure way. It is a universal shelving system as so many storage requirements can be met easily. It can be specifically used in filling cabins and to store expensive items that need a stable storage base. Flow shelving is designed to provide safe and economical storing arrangements. These shelving racks offered in Nalagarh, are a versatile storage solution that is easy to install while keeping heavy load-bearing features in mind. Depending on the available space, these racks can be designed into varied sizes.

Avail best shelving solution

We, at Pandex Storage, being one of the preferred shelving system manufacturers originally based in Delhi, devote a good amount of time and resources to making our Shelving System secure and accident-proof. These gravity flow racks have to secure the fixed and mobile blocks to prevent pilferage. A lock is set in place to prevent accidental movements. As the shelf is coated with powder, it is more firm to hold and serves your purpose for a number of years. We are the well-known Gravity Flow shelving suppliers in Nalagarh.

Heavy Duty Shelving

A high-quality industrial shelving storage system  We, at Pandex Storage, are pleased to offer our customers a high-quality industrial shelving ...

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