Heavy Duty Shelving in Ghaziabad

Heavy Duty Shelving in Ghaziabad

A high-quality industrial shelving storage system 

We, at Pandex Storage, are pleased to offer our customers a high-quality industrial shelving storage system. We are the top-notch Heavy Duty shelving Manufacturers in Ghaziabad. We offer standard and flexible modular components for shelving which makes it easy to customize your shelving system. This shelving can be assembled in different ways as per the height, vertical shelf spacing, and depth, thereby helping to cater to your systematic material storage needs to be based on the retrieving requirements for both manufacturing and warehousing sectors.

Advantages of these shelving 

The heavy duty shelving racks from us are advantageous in more ways than one. Here are the benefits it offers -

  • Easy installation process – quick and simple
  • The shelves can be expanded easily if need be in the future
  • It helps in using the storage area to the maximum extent possible
  • Accordingly Customized to match the retrieving, storage, and economic requirements
  • Individual expansion of shelves is possible

Avail of the best Heavy Duty shelving 

High-end heavy-duty shelving offers the most perfect mobile storage feature. It is a noise-free, easy glide system that is durable in nature. Being a cost-effective solution offered in Ghaziabad, this shelving solution maintains its quality and offers wonderful storage space to the users. This fabulous idea of heavy duty shelves saves max floor space in comparison to other shelving products. 

Shelving solutions to solve warehousing issues.

These shelves are the best shelving and racking solution for industries that deal in heavy duty goods like automobile parts; eCommerce companies; food industry; medical equipment etc. Heavy duty shelves are the best solution for warehousing as it creates extra space in the existing space. These heavy duty shelves are widely used in all kinds of industrial types due to their high shelf loading capacity. These shelves can be customized into various sizes as per the customer’s requirements and space constraints. We serve the best quality racks to many clients to solve their industrial needs. We are the leading heavy duty shelves suppliers in Ghaziabad


  • These are made using high-quality material which makes them strong and sturdy.
  • It requires minimal maintenance which is the major reason for people to choose this storage option.
  • Free movement is a result of the perfectly engineered gears, chains, and sprockets which provides a smooth movement.

The cost-effective, smooth gliding movement features of these shelves make it a best buy among other storage options.

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